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Kids Zumba in San Jose – It’s Hot, It’s New, and Kids Love It

The kids Zumba in San Jose at FUZE fit is catching fire and gaining new participants every day. It’s hot, it’s new, and it is flat out fun to do. Combining high energy and Latin beat dance music, FUZE fit has come up with a Zumba routine that kids love and parents enjoy watching. It’s also one of the very best ways to work on rhythm and coordination while teaching children how to dance and follow a beat.
Dancing, since the beginning of time, has been a way to express joy and celebrate life. People and nations have developed dances to teach their culture to children and others who had an interest. There is perhaps no better example of this than in the Latin influenced countries and islands of the Caribbean and South America. Those beats and many of those dance moves have now made it to America and evolved into a new style called Zumba. If you haven’t tried it yet, you will. It’s contagious.
Perhaps the most difficult part of being a parent in this modern age is finding San Jose youth fitness programs that your kids actually want to participate in. The video game generation isn’t known for having a desire to exercise or even play outside, so how do you get kids to become more active? Zumba is one of the ways we at FUZE fit are able to do it. We also have dozens of other fun and exciting activities that kids can use to both burn and create energy. They sleep pretty well when they get home from our facility.
Which would you prefer? You could bring your kids to a traditional after school program where they will sit in a classroom or maybe on a computer and basically stay occupied for the hours it takes you to get there and pick them up; or you could bring your kids to FUZE fit, where they will have so much fun they won’t want to leave. They’ll learn more and they’ll enjoy doing it. Think about it. We’re pretty sure once you do that we’ll be hearing from you real soon.

Bay Area Kids Exercise When We Make it Fun for Them

Okay, so you’re an adult now. The joyful abandon of your childhood has been left behind and you’re stuck in the daily routine of work and responsibilities. Do you still have fun once in a while? Close your eyes and imagine for a moment that you are a child again, with not a care in the world. Don’t look back at the time when you grew up, place yourself in this modern age with all of the wonderful toys technology has provided.
Now, visualize yourself in a place where you can play with those toys all day. You have entered the realm of FUZE fit, not a dream world, but a real place where your children can come and have a great time. We offer Bay Area kids exercise programs that utilize interactive video games, dance beats, and fun props like trampolines and rock walls. Just think like a child and imagine all the wonderful things you can do in an environment like that. There’s nothing quite like the adventurous spirit of a young child. At FUZE fit, we give that spirit everything it needs to thrive and grow.
Parents in recent years have been struggling with the overwhelming media blitz on video games. Kids everywhere are playing in front of the television instead of going outside and exercising. At FUZE fit, we have installed video games that require kids to be active, interactive fantasy adventures that force them to run, jump, and play like kids are supposed to do. We build on their enthusiasm once they start playing and then get them involved in some of our more structured, but equally fun classes and games.
FUZE fit also has the birthday party Bay Area parents have been seeking for over a decade now, the one to replace that horrible trip to the fast food playground or expensive karate school. At our parties your kids can eat pizza or junk food if you want or sign up for a martial arts class if it interests them, but they can also enter a wonderful world unlike anything this side of Wonka’s chocolate factory. It will look like a fantasy land when you first arrive, but it’s real. Have your child’s birthday party here and he or she will cherish the memory of it for a lifetime.

Did you know we have Kids Yoga in San Jose?

Yoga, for those who aren’t familiar with this type of activity, can help children achieve greater flexibility. Our expert instructor of kid’s yoga San Jose classes at FUZE fit makes the experience fun and exciting while providing expert guidance and challenging her students to reach new levels. The most obvious benefits are an increase in strength and stamina, but the smiles and laughter you’ll hear during and after class are the bonuses that parents appreciate the most. It lets them know that something special is happening with their children, that they’re gaining new levels of confidence and inner happiness.
At FUZE fit, we treat the children that come here as people, not as kids. We know that we’re the adults and they do too, but we don’t patronize them or insult their intelligence. When it comes to a program like teen yoga, many of the teens who enroll are dealing with life stresses and issues that are heavy burdens to them. Their problems are no less serious or worthy of attention than yours are, and finding coping mechanisms is just as important. Yoga can be one of those coping mechanisms.
Added to our physical fitness programs, teen yoga is also used as part of our San Jose teen weight loss program. The self-esteem issues that are present in overweight children are often related to their inability to perform some of the simple tasks that other kids can. The actions of bending and reaching are bodily functions we often take for granted. Imagine what life would be like if you couldn’t do either.
FUZE fit is not your average San Jose after school program. The technology and dedication we have put into our facility makes it a better choice for parents and kids in the Bay Area. Kid’s yoga is only one of the many programs we have available. You can enroll your children in martial arts, sports training and conditioning, Zumba, or hip hop classes as well. As if that weren’t enough, we also have some very cool interactive video games and personal training for children. You’ll definitely never hear your children say that there was nothing to do when they spent the day at FUZE fit. They are usually having so much fun that they don’t want to leave.

This is a Really Cool Place to Go for San Jose Youth Sports

When we were kids, we played a little baseball in the park, threw the football around a bit, and maybe got a group together and shot a few hoops down at the playground. Some of us may have had the opportunity to do some sailing or waterskiing, and of course there was always skating or skateboarding around town. Kids still do that, don’t they? If you’ve been around town in the summer, you know that they do, but if you’ve been to FUZE fit you have seen the next generation of San Jose youth sports, definitely not the games we used to play when we were young.
On the other hand, those classic games are still being played, so we provide on and off-season conditioning for baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, hockey, tennis, and volleyball. What’s different is the equipment and techniques we use, definitely not the tools of the conditioning trade that were used in decades past. The kids of today have the advantage of learning team dynamics and physical conditioning with modern electronics, music and dance, and interactive video games.
The San Jose sports training kids get at FUZE fit is superior to that which is offered elsewhere because of the personal attention we’re able to offer the kids who enroll in our programs. Some don’t feel comfortable playing team sports. We help them overcome that by working on self-esteem issues and teaching them how to play better with others. Getting them to do this in activities and games they enjoy will help them overcome their fears in organized sports that they may need improvement in.
The physical conditioning of the average child in what has been termed the “video game” generation is not what is considered healthy by most medical professionals or conditioning specialists. Kids aren’t going out to play as often as they once did, and when parents force them to go out they go to a friend’s house to play video games. FUZE fit doesn’t fight the tendency for kids to do this; we take advantage of it by getting them to play games that require physical activity, interactive games they don’t have at home. Come down and see for yourself. FUZE fit is a whole new world you’ll be amazed by the moment you walk through the door.

Los Gatos Summer Camp Was Nothing Like This When You Were a Child

Los Gatos Summer Camp programs at FUZE fit include a Sportwall, LightSpace, DDR, GameBikes, a 35’ Traverse Climbing Wall, Yoga, Martial Arts, Zumba, Rebounding, and Cardio Kickboxing. Did your summer camp offer any of those when you were a kid? Chances are they didn’t. In fact, most other summer camps in the Bay Area don’t even come close when it comes to high tech activities. FUZE fit has the most modern program available, guaranteed to engage and educate your children like no other summer camp is capable of doing. Looking for something new and better? This is it.
If you’re searching for the ultimate summer camp experience for your children, you really need to come by and check out FUZE fit. Our state-of-the-art fitness facility is host to kids from kindergarten to eighth grade every summer weekday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, just the right time frame for moms and dads to do what they need to do while the house is children-free. If you work during the day, it helps you to offset the cost of child care. Your kids will be with us for most of the day having fun.
If you’ve utilized our Los Gatos after-school program before then you know how much kids enjoy coming to our facility and taking advantage of the cool games and fulfilling physical fitness programs we make available to them. Our yoga and martial arts programs for kids aren’t just fun, they also teach discipline and self-esteem to children who are facing a far more complex world than the one we grew up in. The life skills we incorporate into all of our programs will be indispensable to them in the future.
Summer camp is supposed to be fun, not a thinly veiled carbon copy of summer school with a twist. Children don’t want to come to a place in the summer where they’re put in a classroom and forced to sit still. It’s their vacation from school, leisure time that they won’t have when they become adults. At FUZE fit, we do everything we can to make sure that time will stick in their memories for a lifetime. Can you say that about the summer camp you attended? Hopefully you can. If not, make sure your kids can by bringing them to FUZE fit.

Let’s Have a Video Game Party San Jose!

Are you looking for a creative idea for a kid’s birthday party? You could go to the local fast food restaurant, maybe get all the kids those funny party crowns and let them play on the slides. If you don’t want to do that, maybe you could rent one of those blow up castles and set it up in your backyard, then order pizza and serve cake. It won’t cost all that much, right? And the cleanup won’t be bad. Those other parents won’t make excuses to leave early. They’ll stay and help, won’t they?
If you want to schedule a video game party in San Jose, there is no place better to do it than at FUZE fit. Our video games aren’t filled with mindless violence or special effects designed to hypnotize children into a semi-catatonic state. Our games are designed to teach while the kids are having fun. Most of them require physical activity of some kind and not just the moving of a joy stick or pushing of buttons.
It’s time for something new. FUZE fit has much more to offer than the traditional parties you’ve become used to. Our parties are structured events, handled and coordinated by our staff from beginning to end. All you as a parent need to do is take a few pictures and relax while we do all the work for you. We can schedule parties with food if you need us to handle that or you can arrange to have your own brought in. All the plates, cups, napkins and trash receptacles are here already so you don’t have to worry about clean-up when the day is done. We do that for you also.
Video game parties at FUZE fit incorporate new activity-based Exergames and interactive fitness like Dance Dance Revolution, PlayStation Video GameBikes, EyeToy cameras, and XR Snow and Surf Boards. Our parties are just another way we fulfill our commitment to improve San Jose youth fitness levels. If you’re planning a party for your kids and looking for something new, give us a call. Those greasy cheeseburgers and indoor play areas aren’t as interesting as they once were. Come in to FUZE fit and find out how kids really like to have fun.

Is your child attending a San Jose After School Program?

Most households today need more than one income to make ends meet. Parents have to go out and earn, leaving a void in the after-school lives of their children. FUZE fit, using innovative and creative programs designed to engage and entertain children, has a San Jose after school program available for your children which will make you feel okay about working those extra long hours to get the good things in life for your family.
There are programs available in the afternoon where you can leave your children to do their homework or maybe play a few video games, but there a limited number of structured and well-supervised programs in the Bay area. FUZE fit is one of them. Not only do we have a diverse program with something for everyone, but we have enough instructors and adult participants involved to ensure that every child gets the individual attention they deserve. We’re not an extension of their school day or an elaborate babysitting service. FUZE fit is an actual San Jose after school care program kids want to come to.
What is the mental mindset and physical condition of your child when they get home from school or from the after school program you have them enrolled in now? Are they happy and content or in need of constant attention? Do they have all of their homework done and are eager to tell you stories about their day or are they grumpy and out of sorts because they don’t like their teachers? These are important distinctions that every parent should pay attention to. They tell you what’s happening in your child’s school and after-school life.
The kids who come to FUZE fit go home with smile and a sense of accomplishment. If they’re struggling with something in their regular school curriculum, we have help available for them. If they have too much energy, we have the very best in Bay area kids exercise programs to tire them out and get them into shape. FUZE fit has video games too, but we don’t just sit the children down in front of them and forget about them. If your current after school program does that you might want to look for a new one.

A Few Ideas to Improve Bay Area Kids Fitness

Are your kids getting the physical activity and mental conditioning they need to be happy and well rounded in all areas of their lives? There are many children who aren’t, partly because of the time and work constraints of parents and partly because the number of Bay Area kids fitness programs are not sufficient to service every child in the city. The former is a societal problem which isn’t likely to get solved any time soon. The latter is an issue that FUZE fit is helping to address.
Our Bay area kids exercise programs are designed to help children attain a healthier physical and sharper mental state. We teach teamwork, encourage self-motivation, and help those who lag behind to push themselves for something better. Its’ not easy to do, but by utilizing fun programs like hip hop classes and group games we are able to keep our participation levels high and our kids smiling. Those smiles put smiles on the faces of parents because they know their children will behave better when they get home after a class or two at FUZE fit.
Looking for new fitness ideas for your kids? We use music to bring out the natural athletic abilities of those who come to our facility and we offer circuit training and team sports training. Do you know what Zumba is? Come in and listen to the Latin beats we use for that program and you might just want to jump in and work out yourself. The exercise routine we designed around the music is demanding but definitely a whole lot of fun for anyone who participates. Ask us about it when you stop by to check us out.

FUZE fit is a place where you can have a Bay Area kid’s party or book your own night out and take advantage of our services to give you the time alone with your significant other or by yourself for some peace and quiet. Don’t worry. We’ll take care of the kids. With all the classes, games, and fitness training we have available, they won’t even notice that you’re gone. They’ll also sleep soundly when they get home, another bonus that FUZE fit has to offer parents.


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