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             Ideal For K-8th Graders


Boys and girls ages 4.5 and up are encouraged to drop-in during ACTIVE PLAY for a "Wild-Card" array of movement activities geared to age-appropriate audiences including Obstacles Course, Rock Climbing, Mini-Trampolines, Interactive Movement Technologies, and all the Old School fun, like Tug-of-War, 4-Square and more coached by our certified coaching staff, 75 minutes every day from 10:15AM-12:45PM. Great for a play-date too. Want more info? Just stop on in or email

SPORTS FiT in the P.i.T.


60 minutes of total gym time - drop-off for 7-12 year olds. SPORTS FIT FOUNDATIONS is the FUZE entry-level, multi-point cross training platform for beginning athletes or those interested in the sport of play. Includes RaiL-FiT obstacles course work, Climbing, Sportwall target trainers for enhanced rhythm, timing, hand-eye and coordination development. Always fun plus basics of physical fitness in our FiT P.i.T for Players in Training. Movement, Athleticism, Nutrition, and Teaching of Intangibles in our proprietary ISC program. FOUNDATIONS is a pre-requisite or passing required to move on to Excel Class level. Kids will get 10-15 minutes of interactive fitness and active gaming time as well. Can also schedule and take additional hour-long Youth instructor-led Class after per Schedule and Membership (not to be paired with Open Gym).



SPORTS FiT EXCEL is intended for progressing young athletes and those fit-minded and accordingly developed children aged 7-12 years. Enrollment fee includes Assessment and ongoing Periodic Evaluation. This program starts with FOUNDATION Level basics and adds court-field strategy, decision-making principles, advanced conditioning techniques, body control and self-awareness, and athletic development through coordinated, multi-planar movements. Challenging rock climbing and obstacles coursework and cross-conditioning for most ALL sports. Nutrition principles and tips included. Teamwork, leadership, and focus on each child's Personal Best. Typically 50 minutes training time, with extra 10 minutes of additional interactive fitness and gaming. 60 minutes of total gym time.



SPORTS FiT ULTIMATE is an advanced, by invitation-only conditioning and athletic development class for boys and girls 9-14 Yrs. Note: some 8 yr-olds may qualify at Coach's discretion and based on class size for this program. Assessment required and provided with Membership. Please call to confirm space and invitation. 358-7529. EXCEL is a pre-requisite level.



GAME FiT steps up focus on conditioning and moves towards Sports-specific game play, training, and strategy in major sports, including: lacrosse, hockey, football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. This class is 75 min. and intended for kids actively playing sports or for off-season conditioning and cross-training. GAME FiT classes are available for SPORTS FiT and Youth Class, or FLEX FiT members over age ten or with approval of FUZE Coaching Staff. All Sports Teams welcome.


This is an open gym supervised, drop off window from 3 - 6 pm Monday through Thursday designed for 10-14 year olds and part of Flex FiT membership. Your boy or girl can come in to do the featured workout of the day and week in a supervised format for any 60 minute period that works best for your schedule. Can be paired with GAME FiT class for a second class for the week.

Kids Martial Arts (K-8)

Our youth programs help build the mind and body by providing a disciplined environment that emphasizes hard work, self-control, and fun. It is our goal to build a healthy athlete skilled in self defense, full of confidence, and respectful of self and others. We provide an environment that helps the child to be goal-oriented and to learn to persevere to meet those goals.

This program can help your child develop the inner strength and discipline needed to make admirable decisions in life. We use a child's natural energy and channel it into something positive, boosting confidence, self-esteem, and focus while teaching respect and proper conflict resolution. We can help your child develop better physical skills like balance, posture, and hand-eye coordination. All the while, our system will provide your child with lifelong and enduring self-defense skills that are the basis for our training program.



Jumpsport Trampoline

It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s safe for almost anybody of any age… It’s quoted by NASA as “the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man”. Kids will have the ultimate blast of a time bouncing through our instructor-led group-based mini-trampoline classes. Jumpsport is known for multiple benefits including cardiovascular performance, core strength, and coordination among others.

This class will be a sure hit and is set to high-energy music and will incorporate dance and balance with a focus on posture and of course, FUN which will leave kids of all ages dripping wet, yet asking for more!


60 minutes of gym time. Child drop off. 45-50 minutes of our fun, stress-reducing, and dynamic yoga-centered stretching class by author and credentialed teacher, Danette Stephan, MA, plus 10-15 minutes of interactive fitness and gaming. Class starts on the top of the hour, :00. For most children 7-12 years. 6-year olds may be permitted to attend.

Hip Hop

Do you want to learn how to do the latest hip hop dance moves? This cool hip hop class is designed to inspire beginning dancers to love dance. Instruction is broken down into easy-to-learn steps and choreography to make the learning process fun and enjoyable. Styles that will be taught include popping, waving, jerk'n, hyphen, lyrical and crump. For boys and girls, 6-9 and 10-15 yrs.

Instructor Lamont Jones

Intended for beginning and/or younger dancers. FUZE offers this introductory-level dance class which is geared to children ages 7 and up and is offered on a “drop in” basis. The class is designed for those students who have never taken a dance class or who have minimal technical dance training. 30 Min. Please see schedule.

Primary Activities
Students will learn basic rhythm and dance techniques
Coordination and sequencing
Proper stretching
And how to have fun while learning something new

Intended for aspiring students who have had technical dance training (meaning they attend or have attended other hip hop or other types of dance classes). This class is geared for students who are ages 10 and up (exceptions may be made on an individual basis). Classes go beyond foundational teaching and is taught in an eight-count-choreo-style. Class sessions begin monthly, as students will be taught choreography to a hip hop dance piece and be expected to master and perform the choreography at the end of each month to test out of the class and move on to the next routine. As is customary with FUZE philosophy, achievement of your son or daughter’s Personal Best is our focus. At the end of the year those students who have stayed in the program may be invited to perform for an in-house concert for their families and other FUZE members. 60 Min. Please see schedule.

Program Goals & Expectations:
Learn how to master choreograph
Create their own choreograph
Improve technique
Art of performing
Build confidence as a dancer
Character and personality development
Learn to work within a group

Rock 'n Rail

Rail FiT next generation obstacle courses and skill-based climbing development with conditioning for 7-12 years. kids will also get additional time for interactive gaming, play and socialization.


This is a great time for all kids K-6th grade to drop into FUZE for supervised interactive games, free play, dodge ball, old-fashioned tug-o-war, exergaming, and great time to meet new friends or hang out with their buddies.

Check out the FUZE - Fit For A Kid Video


Sports Development Series -
Intelligent Sports Conditioning™

Program Overview: SPORTS FiT™, GAME FiT™, and FLEX FiT™
I.S.C. is the” backbone” of our training curricula at FUZE. The primary components are PLAY, PREPARE and PERFORM. All kids should be encouraged to participate in organized sports (group or individual) or in regular physical activities. The benefits of taking part in exercise and use of technology have been well documented and include advantages in psycho-social functioning, physical improvements, academic performance and health-related gains. FUZE offers your child or teen the non-competitive benefits of an integrated approach to fitness through experienced trainers – typically NCAA athletes, certified trainers, and exercise science and kinesiology degreed coaches experienced in youth conditioning. We aim to build a confident player’s mind and a competent young body physically fit to perform in sports and in life! SPORTS FiT Classes are segmented based on ability and motivational interest – FOUNDATIONS, EXCEL, and ULTIMATE levels.

Program Goals:
The FUZE I.S.C. program incorporates the basics of PLAY as a starting point. From there, we have 3 training outcomes in mind with each 50-60 min. session which run for 12 weeks at a time (kids may join at anytime):

#1: Injury prevention in a conditioning program for a particular sport, e.g.: soccer or volleyball knee, basketball ankle, hockey back, gymnast wrist, or baseball shoulder
#2: Facilitate growth and motor development by creating inherent, sustained interest and fun
#3: Improve and upgrade the sports experience with developmentally appropriate activities, movement and instruction taught by coaches who get kids – this applies to kids tied to a singular sport, playing several, or simply wanting to get the most enjoyment out of the sport of life!

Expected outcomes:
FUN! Our results and testimonials garnered over thousands of hours of real-world teaching experience here in our state-of-the-art training facility have shown that the I.S.C. program “works” for most children, whether participating in our Foundations, Excel, or Ultimate class levels. Here are our primary objectives for your child:

  • Build the physical tools that sports participation draw upon:  movement, strength and balance
  • Reduce the propensity and severity of injury – compliment youth sports
  • Strengthen the mental capacity of each child to perform
  • Improve athleticism through aged-based motor development drills and skill-building
  • Provide cross- training and off-season sports competencies – become more athletic
  • Upgrade the sports experience for every child by building inner confidence
  • Teach life skills tied to sports /sports conditioning, following the PCA Double-Goal® coaching standards- the intangibles, known as the FUZE “5 Cs”: Character, Commitment, Confidence, Court-Field Awareness and Coachability
  • Help limit "burnout" (especially for kids playing just one sport), and level the playing field for success over longer periods of time
  • Set a base level, and the stage for advancement with assessments and goal-setting to measure, motivate and reward progress
  • Provide reasonable metrics that also include recognition for a child’s academic performance at school as the evidence is clear that fitness level and participation in regular movement does enhance school achievement



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