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Afterschool Extended Time & Shuttle Service

Finally, an Afterschool Program to
Meet the Needs of Both Parents & Kids:

Looking for a structured good time for your child(ren) that balances an award-winning, variety of physical activities alongside homework assistance

Looking for a bit more organization and a lot less chaos with the opportunity to meet new friends and connect with other working parents? 

Looking for caring, qualified instructors who are youth-certified and are on a professional career path to helping kids learn the benefits of movement in a wide variety of classes and rewards character-building?

Looking for cost-effective afterschool services, featuring shuttle pickup services from a dozen local schools with age-appropriate classes in a safe, non-intimidating, and spirited facility actually owned and run by local parents?

Looking for an afterschool program that provides support for you on early-release days, school holidays, parent-teacher conference days, morning camps, and is conveniently located here in town?

Frequently Answered Questions:

Q. What are typical ages of the kids in the Program?          
90% of the kids are K-5th Grade with few exceptions younger and a bit older. 75% of our kids have been with FUZE for 2+ years. We will also make every attempt to accommodate an extended time trial afterschool to ensure you and your child have found the best fit.

Q. What are the benefits and what makes the FUZE program unique?
Physical Activity – PCA-certified physical educators, caring coaches, and our curriculum will get the wiggles out, build their confidence, advance their appreciation for sports and movement, in a facility designed from the ground up with kids’ needs in mind. It is now a known fact that physical activity improves and enriches academic performance. Every day, kids will be able to choose which classes they wish to participate in, ranging from our award-winning and nationally recognized Intelligent Sports Conditioning program known as Sports FiT, to Yoga, Hip-Hop, Rock Climbing, Jumpsport Trampoline, Martial Arts, and sports-specific classes for older kids like Game FiT and more. Each Class is 60 minutes in length with 10-15 minutes of Interactive Gaming on activity-based/movement evidence-based video fitness for fun and ongoing engagement. Often, we utilize our basketball court for simulation and to get outdoors.

Stress Management – Our teachers and instructors are either degreed graduates or certified teachers themselves – we proactively manage and anticipate opportunities to ensure for a relaxed atmosphere, plus classes like Yoga, Zumba, Hip-Hop, Martial Arts will lift their spirits and calm their mind so they’re ready to perform their school work. Most important, we make our “workouts” fun!  Our coaching are adults who have been in the field of healthcare and coaching for a combined 75 years – we understand how to work with kids, bring out the best in each by connecting with them to find out what motivates them and rarely ever have any disciplinary problems whatsoever. We can actually tell when kids have not had P.E. at school on any given day and anticipate the need for creative movement.

Socialization & Leadership – FUZE kids will build camaraderie with their coaches and be certain to make new friends throughout the school year. We will set mutual goals and kids will learn what it means to accomplish them, all while living our character values on a daily basis. As a non-competitive program, our philosophy is inclusion and achievement through Personal Best, most often achieved through teamwork. We’ll reward kids for demonstrating coaching assistance, organizing teams, and going out of his or her way to introduce a new child to the program throughout the school year.

Homework Support – Our caring Homework Director will work with your child on an individual basis as space and time permit, and be certain to address “raised hands” throughout each hour of dedicated homework time. We will provide the materials required for specialized art projects to basic pencils, paper and erasers. When homework is over (or if s/he does not have any), we’ll set-up creative/board games, and age-appropriate reading material. The Homework Director will also administer our nutritious Snack Program – no compliments of FUZE – on behalf of your child. Shuttle Service, is of course, also available, and is in its 3rd year of operation from local schools.

Q. What does a typical daily schedule look like?
The Afterschool Program classes mirror our Schedule of Classes on our website here, and your child will choose which activities s/he wishes to participate in with few exceptions on a daily basis. If homework is a preference, we can accommodate that as well.
Parents can pick up at 5:15 or 6:15PM (or earlier of course if desired). We work on an A/B schedule, with Group A children commencing their structured activities at 3:00/3:15PM and Group B starting in Homework Center, then alternating hourly.

Here is a sample day:
2:15 – 3:15 Supervised RECESS (Open Gym) and Free Play; Snack time, homework assistance available on-site – on Wednesdays, structured class begins earlier.
3:15 – 4:15 Certified, coached fitness and group exercise classes – Sports FiT, Yoga, Martial Arts, Cardio/Sport Boxing per daily schedule
4:15 – 5:15 30-minute minimum study/break time; alternating kids into classes Sports FiT, Hip-Hop, Trampoline, Rock Climbing
4:15 – 4:30 Snack time - All Rates Include Complimentary Snack(s)
5:15 – 6:15 Group classes including Sports Conditioning, Hip-Hop, Trampoline Fitness, JumpRope

By appt: One-on-one coached fitness and athletic development can be combined with our Afterschool Program for parents wishing to accelerate sports advancement or with another goal in mind for their child(ren).

Q. Which schools does your Shuttle pick up from?

FUZE Fit For A Kid!® provides competent and caring Shuttle transportation pickup service from Cambrian Elementary, Campbell, San Jose Unified, Los Gatos and Union School Districts and Clubhouses, as well as numerous private schools, both elementary and middle, including:

Booksin Village Capri Van Meter
Fisher Blossom Hill Guadalupe Willow Glen Middle
Bagby Daves Ave Alta Vista Carlton
Union Middle Rolling Hills St Marys Yavneh
Marshall Lane Farnham    
Includes Wednesday Early Release Days, Min. Days and School Holiday
Please call to confirm space

Q. How much does your program cost?
FUZE bills on auto-debit, monthly basis on the 1st or 15th of the month. Sample rates for popular packages are $239 per month for 3 days per week with a 5:15PM pickup AND $399 for 5 days per week with a 6:15PM pickup (about $6/hr), with many options in between. Discounts are provided for multiple programs and for siblings, as well as for Camps, Parties and Parents’ Night Out.

408-358-7529 or  or  use auto-fill on right side for prompt response

Extended Time Monthly Rates
All plans Include a Complimentary Afternoon Snack

Silver 5:15 PM - 4-5 days/WK


Silver 5:15 PM - 3 Days or Less/wk


Gold 6:15 PM - 4-5 days/WK


Gold 6:15 PM - 3 Days or Less/wk

All plans include Fitness Memberships, plus:
Homework help and activities.
Siblings save 10%. Middle-schoolers save additional 5%.
All plans include FUZE SHUTTLE after-school pickup service
(subtract 10% to opt-out).
$99 registration fee per calendar year applies.
All Rates Include Complimentary Snack(s)
Summer options are also available.
All plans include early-release and teacher in-service days.
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About Our Teacher
Krista Schifferer

Bachelor of Arts,
Elementary Education

Masters of Education, Curriculum Development with ESL Certification

Public school Kindergarten, 2nd and 3rd grade teacher, and private tutor with Huntington


Best after school care we found for our two high engery boys. We spent 7 years at primary plus and was very happy with their after school program. We moved to Los Gatos and tried the "club house" at Van Meter, which was a total mess. No planned activites, no support for homework and our kids kept geeting in trouble because they were total bored!
FUZE is GREAT - Kids don't want to leave, homework is getting done and staff is great a communicating with kids and parents!
O.S - Los Gatos





























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