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FUZE Rules




  • Check –in at front desk by swiping your card prior to entering the fitness or studio floor at every visit.
  • Check-out at front desk area with your parent or authorized pick-up or guardian; you must be at least 12 years of age to check yourself out.
  • Socks and athletic-style, non-marking shoes are required on the main floor (no sandals, jeans, extra-baggy pants, halter or crop tops, or offensive logos are permitted); athletic, comfortable shorts or pants are recommended.
  • We encourage you to leave your packs and extra belongings in the cubbies provided at check-in, however, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • No outside food, chewing gum, tobacco or drinks (except water, also available for purchase) is permitted in the Club; please contact management should you have a special dietary or medical need.
  • We ask that you not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to the start of your designated class, and that you be picked up less than 10 minutes after your program is finished that day; we are not a day-care or after-care facility.
  • Please bring or purchase a workout towel so you can wipe down the machine and equipment after you use it.
  • We expect all kids to “live” the FUZE VALUES especially that we respect other members and employees – “character is what you do or say when no one else is looking or listening”; this is your Club.
  • Do not abuse, bang, kick or hit our equipment.
  • Follow direction of FUZE staff members.
  • Cell phones, PDAs, IPODs or headsets are not permitted in the Club.
  • Free-weight and personal training areas are designated for use and instruction by FUZE staff – do not enter or use weights or equipment in these areas without explicit direction.
  • Use of the Club and its facilities is a privilege and failure to comply with Club Rules may result in revocation of Membership.
  • Rules apply for all Camps, Member and non-member Programs and Events



Privacy is your right and our duty to hold in confidence. We comply with the practices established under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. We do not knowingly collect or retain any information from consumers under the age of eighteen. We will not sell or knowingly provide your personal or family personal information to outside sources. Moreover, we will safeguard your health and financial information as if it were our own. The information you provide to FUZE Fit For A Kid! will be used solely for the purposes of your Membership Agreement and the services we provide on your behalf.

As parents of young ones ourselves, we believe the safety and security of your child or children are entrusted to our care while at our facility, and we will endeavor to treat each of them as “family”. Children under twelve years of age must be picked up by designated parents or acknowledged third parties as evidenced by you on our Membership Agreement. We utilize several cameras within our facility for the purpose of continuous quality improvement of our program and no video will be replicated to non-employees of FUZE Fit For A Kid! without your express permission.

Fast FAQ's

Q. Why was FUZE created?
A. Children are no longer healthy and are largely unfit:

Obesity is the #1 threat to the health & well-being children – spiraling out of control at huge societal costs
Growth rate is out of control and spread across all regions of the U.S. – 2/3 states have >30% obesity rates
1st time in human history that today’s children have a shorter life expectancy than their parents
plus, Our Schools are Hamstrung:

Statewide, Regionally and Nationwide, schools are underfunded or without budget for physical activities
P.E. related injuries are up 150% in last 10 years
3/5 of all kids in 5th and 7th grade failed state-standardized physical fitness test
Kids are only in school 50% of their young lives

Q. How do FUZE clients benefit?
A. The benefits of our program model are noteworthy:

Healthy lifestyle habits, including healthy eating and physical activity, can lower the risk of becoming sedentary, obese and developing related diseases.
Attributes of our program include health status improvement, and co-morbid disease management (e.g.: Type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia).
Additionally, our service model provides the direction, guidance, instruction, and a forum for many improvements:
Better, realized motor function, agility, balance, coordination, strength and stamina
Cognitive functioning and kinesthetic awareness
Greater sports experience, injury reduction and prevention
Greater confidence and self-esteem
Ability for each child to achieve his or her personal potential
Enhance learning readiness and improve academic performance
Click here to learn more about our programs in detail or to read our e-Brochure

Q. Why do kids like your program
A. FUZE provides a “Credible Solution” – Where Working Out is All Play™ - because we offer everything that matters to kids as well as parents under one roof:

Interactive Fitness & Active Exergaming
Intelligent Sports Conditioning
Group Exercise Classes like Yoga, ZUMBA®, Martial Arts, JumpSport™ Trampoline Fitness, TEAM USA Jump Rope, and more
HomeWork Club and Extended Time for Members
Active Camps and Birthday Parties are a core competency
Workshops and Nutrition Seminars
Ongoing Client Rewards with FUZE BUCK$™ ensures sustained use
FUZE AFTER-SCHOOL SHUTTLE SERVICE to get kids here safely and conveniently
Click here for a copy of our e-Brochure and to see FUZE in action – we have a full complement of sales, advertising, and marketing collateral as well as reproducible operational materials, programming and training

Q. How is the FUZE business model different?
A. We provide a solid value proposition:

Our proprietary program creates a seriously fun fitness experience for kids - they do not even know they are exercising most of the time – and parents appreciate our focused efforts to improve upon the goals they set for their child. We have strong market differentiation and offer a breadth of diverse service offerings to help serve a large share of the potential 5-16 year old market. Our price point is cheaper than day or after-care and comparable to most other after-school programs (martial arts, gymnastics, Y-care). We provide world-class, caring service and a very flexible schedule for the whole family. Plus, as an added bonus, we offer convenience for parents as they get an hour or two of free time because we are a drop-off model. Please see our client testimonials. Coaches and teams love our ability to get their kids for game day and prepared to perform.

Q. Isn’t anyone else out there doing the same thing?
A. The competition is not entrenched:

We very compatible with “big-box” gyms; <10% have actual children’s programs and see child as a daycare candidate for parents membership. We provide the adult gym members of the future. Adult gyms, gaming companies, and entertainment entities make a great pathway to exit, if we ever get tired that is of all the fun! We have solid barriers to entry as well as first-mover status, including registered trademark with multiple classes of service. Community-based programs lack resources and are typically lackluster. The market for FUZE is not particularly segmented and competition is fragmented amongst gaming / arcade centers, sports-performance facilities and “traditional” approaches to physical activity

Q. How did you come to your ultimate model?
A. We know our market:

We have a 5-year head-start on any competition as our management started the youth fitness industry in 2004, selling 54 franchised units. From there we have conducted over 2 years of market and active research and development, hosting over 5,000 individual experiences to refine our facility and our curricula. Ownership has over 30 years of combined health care programming, fitness, and FORTUNE 50 health marketing expertise, plus they have an ‘honest’ parent perspective and have run fitness businesses previously.

The American Academy of Sports Medicine® noted that fitness services for children have ranked in top 3 for four years in a row in growth both domestically and internationally. We are an Official Advocate of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and the California Governor’s Council on Physical Activity. Our management philosophy is certified by the Stanford Positive Coaching Alliance.

Poor health statistics, status and physical education scores can be replicated, typically at higher failure rates, across the state, and across the country. Typical market demographics support uptake and interest in more than 250 FUZE locations nationwide: MyGym®, Little Gym®, Gymboree Play Space™, and 24 HR Fitness® have 250-400 locations nationwide each within the 1-6 year old market. In the U.K. alone there are now 160 youth gyms. Anytime Fitness and SNAP Fitness have over 1,200 locations each.

Q. So, how is the business of doing business going?
A. We are having a blast and we have great traction:

We have increased membership 4-fold in 18 months and more than doubled revenues year over year – hey, we’re profitable! We have monthly recurring revenues. We know the need, see the opportunity and have a model for 250+ locations nationwide, and that’s why we have personally invested heavily.

Q. What else is happening in the field?
A. Insurance is forthcoming

Our core competency as well and a true game-changer – Let’s Move! Michelle Obama! This only makes sense, whether you are an employer or insurer paying the bills. We are the only youth specialty provider listed with nationwide access to 87 insurance plans through the American Specialty Health Network®. Grant monies exist.






























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