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Matt Oliver - Site Managerread bio

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FUZE Coaching Staff - Meet Our Team!

Kristina Jacobread bio

Kristina Jacob, aka "Tina" is a graduate of Leland High School where she played varsity soccer. She continued her soccer career at SJSU receiving a full athletic soccer scholarship. She was named the MVP of the Western Athletic Conference in 2000 where the team moved on to the 1st round of the NCAA. That year she was named captain of her senior year following graduating from SJSU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology.

After college Tina continued playing soccer in the Women's Semi-Professional League giving her the privilege to play with some of the greats of the Women’s League: Brandy Chastain, Kristin Lilly, Shannon Box and more! While playing soccer, Tina coached soccer camps, teaching skills and fundamentals to kids ages 8-18 years at Santa Clara University, Stanford University, and San Jose State University.

Tina’s passion for sports soon developed into a love for fitness launching her career in personal training / team training in 2004. Tina believes say, “health and fitness is an evolving world and keeps you on your toes! I always say, ‘Never give up.’ ” Coach Tina has been with FUZE since “day one”, 2008.

E. Lamont Jones - Dance & Hip-Hop Choreographerread bio

E. Lamont Jones is a native of San Jose. He attended public school in the East Side Union School District and went to Independence High School where he was involved in many extra-curricular activities. In his sophomore year he joined the school’s elite dance company, Independance.

Although the arts played a huge role in his life he also aspired to go to a four year University. He attended Tuskegee University where he majored in pre-law and minored in psychology, and graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and moved back home to California.

After college, Lamont continued to actively pursue the arts specializing in hip-hop. He has worked with several organizations to teach troubled youth how to use dance to overcome adversity; and also teaches private dance lessons to people of all ages. Lamont is passionate about teaching dance and says his greatest reward as a FUZE Dance Instructor is when he able to teach someone who has never danced before and transform them into a skilled dancer.

Jason Inay - Martial Arts, 10TH Degree Masterread bio

Jason Inay grew up in a martial arts family and has been involved in top-level martial arts since he was child. Mr. Inay has been recognized internationally as a Master Level instructor, who is also sought after to teach other master instructors. In 2003 Jason was inducted by the Master’s Hall of Fame, 2007 he was inducted by the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, in 2012 he was inducted into the 1st Philippine Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Manilla Philippines, and the World Head of Sokeship Council Grand Masters Hall of Fame. However, he credits his achievements first and foremost to his father, Mangisursuro Mike Inay (Great Grand Master), for cultivating excellence in Martial Arts, Martial Philosophy, and acumen in teaching methods.

Jason’s greatest interests lie in learning more teaching methods and training methods, with a focus in applied psychology and the best available athletic and fitness training schema. The ultimate intention is to help his students perform at increasingly higher levels of intensity with elegance, sophistication, and spirit.

Training for nearly 34 years and teaching for over 20 years, Jason has come to truly enjoy the last 10 years learning more about teaching and it’s joys with his children students, and most especially his teenage daughter. Jason strives every day to raise the level of quality in martial arts with each of his students, and every one of the international teaching engagements he conducts all over the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. He has been teaching at FUZE since “day one”, 2008.

Anthony Riche read bio

Anthony comes to FUZE from Manhattan, New York where he attended Tribeca Institute Albert University and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. He begin his career as a personal trainer working for the Equinox Fitness Company and later working for the YMCA in the Northwest Division as a trainer and wellness coach.

Anthony is certified through EFTI and IYCA. His other course work includes anatomy & physiology, kinesiology and exercise science.

In his downtime he enjoys playing tennis and working out at least once a day. His favorite pastime is reading motivational literature. Anthony’s long-term goal is to work with professional athletes in a variety of sports.

“Dave James, the President and CEO has worked hard to provide a positive working environment and to empower the coaches working with kids. FUZE is the type of place that anyone would love working at. The kids are absolutely fantastic and over a period of time begin to feel like an extension of your own.” – Coach Anthony

Danette Stephanread bio

Danette became a certified yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance in 2008. She has been teaching yoga to youth at FUZE in Los Gatos since it opened at that time. She also shares her practice with both staff and students at her school. Over the last few years she has taught Vinyasa Flow yoga at Master Edmonds Martial Arts Academy and Breathe Los Gatos. Danette believes that yoga is one of the greatest gifts she has ever received. She is passionate about returning it to all she’s lucky enough to teach.

She is in the process of completing a Level 2 Therapeutics Certification in December 2012. The certification will add yoga therapeutic healing techniques to her portfolio and expertise.

Her love and dedication to teach yoga to kids enabled her to publish a kids yoga book and DVD called “Letter Sound Yoga”. This program is currently being implemented in some schools. She received Parent Tested Parent Approved award for her “Letter Sound Yoga” program. She loves teaching yoga to kids at FUZE. They are bright, friendly curious, motivated and fun.

A native and current resident of Los Gatos, Danette’s intense desire to teach children began almost two decades ago. Her dedications to further her education, challenge herself and grow lead her to complete a Master’s degree in Education from SJSU. She has spent over 15 years teaching elementary school in Campbell Union School District. Her passion for learning about new places and cultures has taken her on many travels. She lives in Los Gatos with her husband and son. To learn more about Danette and her Letter Sound Yoga program, please visit her website at:

John Winslowread bio

John has been working with kids for over 42 years. He began his career as a facilities director for local public and private schools. He later became a math teacher for the Campbell Learning Company and Academy.

John has been married for 26 years and is a father of 6 and a grandfather of 16. When he is not parenting, teaching, or shuttling FUZE kids, John races hotrods! He is a member of the National Hotrod Association and also restores classic cars. John’s likes working at FUZE and enjoys helping young people get physically fit.

Kyle Penuenread bio

Kyle Penuen graduated from Los Gatos HS in 2011 where he played varsity football and baseball. He is continuing his passion for playing baseball at the collegiate level for De Anza College in Cupertino, CA. Kyle suffered a torn UCL in December of 2011 and had Tommy John surgery. He was out of the gym for 4 months and could only do rehab exercises. So he also has knowledge regarding injuries and knowing when to “listen to your body” He wants to share as much as he can with the kids at Fuze and put them closer to whatever their fitness goals may be. He also takes academics very seriously, as a member of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society he must maintain a 3.5GPA. Kyle hopes to receive his Associates degree in Liberal Arts this coming year. He then plans to transfer to a four year university and get a BS in Political Science, and eventually move on to law school. He has numerous interests that he peruses in his spare time when not in the weight room or baseball diamond. Those include, sport fishing, hiking, reading and gardening. Kyle currently resides in Saratoga, CA.

Homework Center Manager, Krista Schiffererread bio

Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education
Masters of Education, Curriculum Development with ESL Certification
Public school Kindergarten, 2nd and 3rd grade teacher, and private tutor with Huntington



What the kids are saying

“i like coach holly best because she makes us do good exercises”,

“coach holly makes us work hard every week and she puts a smile on my face”,

“coach anthony who is very nice and awesome, plus coach tina and coach jason”,

“i like coach jason because is very good at teaching us martial arts”,

“i like teacher grace because she is very good at teaching us”, CONNOR, 8

“my favorite coach is coach anthony because he is super nice and good at sports”,

“i like coach holly because she is really nice to me!”, griffin, 11

“i like teacher cathy because she give us great snacks”, LEXI, 7

“i like coach jason because he is fun to play with”, ZANE, 8

“the best coach is teacher cathy because she helps me with my homework at fuze”, MAX, 8

“coach anthony is a great coach. he includes everybody in every game. he’s willing to let everybody go above and beyond.”, ANYA, 11

“my favorite coach is coach tina and coach jason because they are nice and they make fuze more fun”, SADIE, 10

“coach jason is a funny guy. he always has fun things to do. well, except the jumping jacks.”, JEFFERY, 11

“coach anthony is nice and always has sparkes of creativity”, MONA, 9

“my favorite coach is coach matt. i think he makes us work and i like that.”, KAITLYN, 10

“i like coach anthony because he is really nice”, KADEN, 8

“i like coach anthony because he’s fun to be with and he does the sports class”, DYLAN, 12

“coach jason is awesome, the best! nobody can out do jason. if i could pick any coach in the world it would be him!, LIAM, 9

“i like all the fuze coaches because they are fun”, AIDAN, 7

“coach anthony and coach tina are both my favorite coaches because they are both very helpful”, VICTORIA, 8

“i like all the coaches at fuze”, KHALIL, 10

my favorite coach is the zumba coach grace. she teaches us how to exercise and dance zumba”, CHRISTINA, 8

“my favorite fuze coach is coach cathy, coach matt and coach holly”, MATTHEW, 7

“i like coach tina, her games are awsum!”, TAYLOR, 8


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