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Posted on 10/07/2012
Best after school care we found for our two high engery boys. We spent 7 years at primary plus and was very happy with their after school program. We moved to Los Gatos and tried the "club house" at Van Meter, which was a total mess. No planned activites, no support for homework and our kids kept geeting in trouble because they were total bored!

FUZE is GREAT - Kids don't want to leave, homework is getting done and staff is great a communicating with kids and parents!
-O.S. Los Gatos


Posted on 05/03/11

The Best in kids and teens active Parties, State-of-the-art Exercise and Conditioning just for Kids Ultimate Summer Camps 5-star service and terrific value for parents.


FUZE Rocks! What a great idea - workouts AND homework, plus they have a great pickup service from our school!
-LG Mom1


My two sons ages 7 and 10 have been going to FUZE since the beginning of the school year for after school care. There are so many positive things I could say about FUZE, but the main ones are that my sons are more confident and outgoing, more sure of themselves and want to play sports and *really* put their energy into working towards their goals. The positive support they get from all of the staff at FUZE is tremendous. Thank you FUZE!



My 4 years old daughter tried their new PRE-K class at 9am, and she loved it. Not sure if she love the first half with teacher Mandy more or the second half with teacher Holly. She kept asking me when she can come back. Their new pre-school program is only a few weeks old, and I highly recommend it. Since my daughter is starting Kindergarten, I'll put her in their Kinder-Fit class.



As a professional soccer coaching business I chose to use FUZE for some of my agility, strength and stamina work for many of my teams. From the first time I entered the place the whole establishment was professional, safe, fun and most of all the staff where fantastic. They were all knowledgable and kept everything age appropriate and the kids really were learning while excercising . What more can you ask for ? It was great to watch the kids enjoy dynamics and stimulating tasks that stretch them all to better themselves.

Dave and his Team were a pleasure to work with. I myself know this industry well and would highly recommend FUZE for any family looking to really make a positive impact into a healthier lifestyle."

-Bav Thakrar
Owner, West Coast Coaching


10/11/2010 - YELP 5-Star
Fuze Fit receives our highest recommendation! Our 11 year-old loved it, and the professional staff is wonderful. Our daughter had pure fun when she was there while she was actually exercising hard at the same time. Fuze Fit has a positive atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement. - J. Craig.


"R--- loves FUZE, he will return as soon as the football/basketball games and practice doesn't fall on Mon/Wed evenings. Thank you for all you to do help kids find their confidence."
-Vicki H., Mom


She has just made the middle school basketball team...your staff have been wonderful in supporting her. This is her first time playing a team sport. We have been very impressed with the Staff.

-Michelle, Mom


"Your facility is so superb, as is the staff you have working for you. I have referred a few people to you and mention your gym to many of my friends who are looking for other activities for their kids. I think what you offer is so helpful, not only to the kids but to parents as well. Education in fitness and nutrition is so critical, as is the boosting of self confidence in children. You manage to accomplish both- hooray!!"

Thanks again-
Kris E., Mom


S. really enjoyed FUZE fit, and looked forward to it each time. I think it gave him some physical confidence, and helped improve a lot of areas in well-being.
C.H. -Dad


Love this place!!!!!!!!
My 10 year old video addicted son LOVES this place!!! It's a high level workout facility for kids. It's impossible to explain it you just have to check it out. When I told my son we were going to look at a workout place for him, he was like " ahhh, c'mon Mom..."
Once we got there to check it out he didn't want to leave. He goes 2 X per week and they wear him out, he has lost a little weight, and he feels great! I get to go to a Hip hop class down the street during one of his workouts and the other one I go across the street to Trader Joe's and get my shopping done!!!!! Yea FUZE. Plus they have these cool parent's night out parties where they watch your kid so you can check out a movie and you rkid is moving the whole four hours, plus they feed 'em good food... Great great great!!!!!


Thanks so much for your help! ...Have to say, of all the different organizations we have dealt with over the last ten years with our boys, your place takes the prize in professionalism, enthusiasm and customer service!
What a great team you have put together there, can't wait to get started! We will plan on seeing veryone Wednesday at 6:15... will bring all the forms filled out for you.
Thanks again,


Prior to FUZE Fit For A Kid!, my daughter was timid when it came to trying new activities involving sports or movement. She would prefer to sit around or play on the Wii. Within a month after starting at FUZE FIT she started bicycling more, going for more walks, and asked to take additional lessons like gymnastics and ice skating lessons. She's appreciating the new boundaries she's able to take her body with its newfound sense of fitness.

This is pouring over into her personal life. She has become more confident in her manner and demeanor. She started at a new school this year, and for the first time, has made a large number of good friends. She's friendlier and smiles more. She's just blossoming into a fit and healthy young lady which is extremely important at her age.

Most of all, she's learning the greatest habit of enjoying exercise which will last her a lifetime.

L----, Mom


Our Parties


Posted on 01/15/12
I celebrated my daughter's 7th BD at FUZE. It rocked as she describes it, "I was sweating like crazy. That is what you get for choosing the best place in the world for your BD!" Coach Aaron was very nice and energetic. He did his best to make my daughter feel very special on her BD. FUZE is a fun filled, clean and safe environment for kids. Thank You Aaron & thank you FUZE.



1/21/2012 - FROM YELP - 5 STARS REVIEW:
We just had my son's 6th birthday Party here and out of all the places we have had parties (pumP it up, petroglyph, chuck e. Cheese, etc...) this place was by far the best. The owner Dave was welcoming, helpful and made it all so easy. He gave me a tour and showed me the different things they would be doing with the kids. Holly and Mike, the coaches, were great. We had 19 kids ranging in age from 3 to 8. Every kid was engaged and had a great time. As another person wrote, the kids couldn't wait to get back to playing! Forget the cake and ice cream!

Thank you Dave and staff for a truly great experience!


12/11/2011 - FROM YELP - 5 STARS REVIEW:
"I was looking for an alternative--anything--to the typical jumpy house party for my son's 6th birthday. Admit it: we want more than just another party. Parents want their son or daughter to have the coolest party of the year, right?

Yelpers came to the rescue: FUZE Fit was a huge hit. My son and his guests had a ton of fun without realizing that they were exercising. The staff was very good at managing 19 active children, alternating between individual play time and group activities like Ninja Olympics. The site seems small, but there were plenty of activities and we never felt crowded. Unlike other places where the energy just dies when kids are herded into the "party" room, at FUZE Fit they were excited about getting back to the games.

But the best reviews came from guests:
One girl argued with her older brother over whose birthday party would be held there next. One mom, who sent her boys with their dad, said they all loved it and can't wait to go back (and now she's really intrigued!). One mom, a phys ed instructor, is sending her 7 yr old for the Winter Camp--and told other parents about the place.

Thanks, Coach Matt, for making our party fun and memorable. We'll definitely be back." - KRIS A. 5-STAR YELP


Just a quick thanks for the awesome birthday party on Saturday - C----- loved it and so did all her pals! I do want to register C-----.... she'd love to start today at 4:15pm martial arts and interactive. My mom would bring her, and she has all the forms filled out..... we'd like to do 2-day -a-week for 3 months plan. S---- really wants to join as well, and he would likely just drop-in until we get his school schedule set.



Just want to let you know that both trainers for my daughter’s birthday party were awesome! All the kids had lot fun! Thanks.



"We chose FUZEFit for our 8 year old son's birthday last Saturday. We were very very pleased with the way it turned out. The kids had a blast and kept asking for more time to play. The two coaches were awesome. In spite of the fact that we had a varied range of boys and girls from age 3 to 9, they managed to always find a set of activities that the kids loved to get part of. It was almost an hour and 40 minutes of uninterrupted fun followed by cake and all which happens in the back room. The back room features a full kitchen and a long table that they set up nicely. They let you either order Pizza through them or bring your own food from outside.

All in all, this was by far the most enjoyable birthday party that I have ever been part of as a parent. I'm sure many kids who came in that day would long for coming back to this place - I know my son would! I wish this place continued success."



Our Camps

"Our son has done multiple camps this summer as he just hit the age, a month ago, that he's able to attend. Since this is all new to us and you're new as well, thought we would share some of our feedback and thoughts on the FUZE camp:

Very impressive athletic activities mixed w/top of the line high tech Interactive Fitness. The venue and overall concept is definitely one of a kind in this area.

Staff is friendly and helpful and seemed to be a great ratio per child for the camp. They also had a great maturity about them.

... He actually didn't want to leave for pick up towards the end of the week as he did enjoy the activities that he participated in and even tried yoga, which was a great.

The food was a great option to have and healthy options too...we loved that!!"

S. N.


"Fantastic experience! My son still asks to go back. I would definitely buy another Groupon if it was offered!"
September 10, 2012Reply

"Both of my kids enjoyed being there (at camp). They talked about the name of the new games."
July 16, 2012

"Great Camp, great Staff, thanks!!!"
July 16, 2012



From our Recent Groupon

Our 10-year-old son had a blast! He was super sore after, which is what we were looking for out of a fitness program. We only wish there was one on the Santa Cruz side of the hill!
August 20, 2012


My son loves the variety of activities offered and the fun energetic staff!
August 12, 2012


My son loved it!
August 09, 2012

For the past 7 months I have been training at Fuze twice a week with Coach Matt in preparation for my intercollegiate field hockey career. Not only was Fuze a welcoming environment with friendly staff, it was also extremely effective. I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life because of my training there and it made a huge difference in my performance on the field. I’m definitely returning next year so they can help me improve even more. Coach Matt really took my fitness to the next level.
Lauren, 18 year-old

FUZE is the Coolest place in the world
Jan, 10 I love marshel (martial) arts!
Benjamin, 7

My favorite part of Fuze is all the nice teachers – you guys are awesome
Liam, 10

I like rock climbing class because we get to do races and challenges
Griffin, 11

I like homework club because on Friday we get to play games
Taylor, 9

My favorite part is the active video games
Andrew, 8

My favorite part about Fuze is it is fun and all the coaches are very nice
Sadie, 11

Each game is fun and exciting and they chang every year getting better and better
Anya, 11

Homework is the Best for fuze because it is good
Max, 8

The classes because they are fun
Aidan, 7

My favorite part about Fuze is doing class because you are working out!
Kaitlyn, 11I like homework club
James, 9

My favorite about FUZE is doing fit class
Dylan, 12

My favorite part of FUZE is DDR (dance dance revolution)
Victoria, 8

I like coming here and doing the exercise. Fuze rocks
Kayla, 9

My favorite is going on the tramplens
Elitsa, 9

I especially like playing 2 square
Hannah, 11

About games, trapoliens, and just about everything!
Mona, 10

The coaches are nice
Lexi, 7

My favorite part about Fuze is being with friends and having a good time playing
Stella, 9

Fuze is exelent because it helps in home and physila education
Khalil, 9

My favorite part about fuze is doing exersize and one of my favorite exersizes is obstacle course
Christina, 8

My favorite par about Fuze is working out
Matthew, 8

My coaches are fun to be with and nice
Kaden, 8

I like my coach because she makes us do good exercise
Cara, 10






























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