Intelligent Sports Conditioning (ISC) at FUZE offers your child the benefits of an integrated approach to fitness through experienced athletic trainers – typically NCAA athletes, coaches and multi-sport athletes experienced in youth conditioning – building a confident player’s mind and a competent young body physically fit to perform.

Our fitness programs and daily conditioning methods incorporate multi-sport movements to improve motor development, balance and agility,strength, power and stamina.

Sports Conditioning focuses on 4 main areas:


Why is training the core important? Depending on age, there are different things you could focus on to properly and safely progress through a program. Here are a few basic principles:

  • Less than 7 years:
  • Use basic exercises with little or no weight. Have a professional teach the basics of a program session Focus on using perfect technique. Use body weight exercises, partner drills, or low resistance

  • 8-10 years old:
  • Gradually progress the difficulty of the exercises. Maintain perfect technique. Keep the exercises simple. Slowly add resistance to exercises

  • 11-13 years old:
  • Teach all the basic exercise techniques and continue progressing the load. Begin adding more complex exercises with little or no load

  • 14-15 years old:
  • Begin more advanced training exercises. Focus on sport specific components. Continue perfect technique Increase load in exercises.

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