Fuze Fit 2 Play brings to you the most exciting summers ever!

Our team of experts have curated a program which gives an opportunity to explore something new each week throughout the summer months. No matter what your interest area is, we sure have something in store for you!


Focused on combining BEST PRACTICES from education, psychology, sports, and technology. Skill training improves the overall performance in any identified area and in so doing can improve the overall QUALITY OF LIFE. Each week we'll be focusing on a different skills creating LIFELONG LEARNING.


We recognize that early sports condition in children play a vital role in their lives. Our lessons are tailored according to the CHILD'S ABILITY. These exciting group activities will help them perform better in whatever sports they get involved in. It also encourages them throughout their lives to STAY FIT & HEALTHY.


We take our maker spirits outside and let tour capers jump, run and explore with purpose. Team challenges are a big part of our outdoors time and nothing is better for FRESH THINKING than healthy doses of FRESH AIR.


People who build a better world know how to COLLABORATE and HAVE FUN together. Whether campers are working with a team on winning a relay, or building something super cool, every moment at camp is an opportunity to play & being an innovator.

Some other activities kids would be involved in throughout the week - Rock Wall Climb , Ping Pong, Trampoline Jump, Air Hockey, Basketball, Jump Rope, Dodge Ball, Relays & SmartFit Wall.

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